How to sync subscribers to Klaviyo?

Step 1: Open Spin Wheel app and navigate to Klaviyo #

From Left Navigation, click to Sync Data > Klaviyo

Step 2: Generate an API Key from Klaviyo #

From Dashboard, toggle to your avatar then click Settings


In Settings page, click API keys

Click Create Private API Key button

Enter your API key’s name, Access Level then click Save button

Click to copy API key

Step 3: Paste API Key to Spin Wheel app #

Paste the API key then click Save button

Select your list then click Save button

Step 4: Start sync #

Click Start sync now button.

Confirm the modal by clicking Start sync button

And the result

Step 5: Turn on auto sync customers #

If you are in Paid plan, you can enable this auto sync settings:

From Game editor, navigate to Data collection section, tick to List: Klaviyo then click Save button