Wix vs Weebly

Wix vs Weebly

Five important differences to understand before choosing between Wix and Weebly.

Both Wix and Weebly are website builders — but they’ve important differences. Weebly is extremely easy to use but lacks theme customization. Wix, on the other hand, gives you a plenitude of freedom but can sometimes get chaotic.

Overall, you won’t be dissatisfied with either one — I recommend both. What matters is understanding the differences so that you can choose the one that suits your requirements.

The Editor of Wix and Weebly

This is the most egregious difference between Wix and Weebly.

Wix’s editor is unshaped and gives you the freedom to drag and drop rudiments anywhere on a runner. There’s no rigid, predetermined structure to limit you. It’s indeed possible to move a piece of content by a single pixel at a time.

The downside is clear for Wix’s unshaped editor it gives you freedom. Unfortunately, the lack of structure can also be frustrating.

For illustration if I move this image ( below) to the top of the runner, the change isn’t reflected in the mobile interpretation of the website — I need to go to the mobile interpretation and acclimate it there too. This isn’t ideal. Having to make the same edit doubly is tedious — and worst, it leads to inconsistencies from mortal error (ie forgetting you have to edit doubly).

To conclude, while the freedom of the Wix editor will be a draw for numerous, it comes with lower of an editing safety net. Weebly on the other hand places an establishment emphasis on stoner benevolence, meaning it’s the egregious choice for anyone who isn’t tech expertise.

App Store

Both Weebly and Wix offer app stores that let you install apps to extend the core website builder. This is really great — and Wix and Weebly are the only general-purpose website builders to offer an app store.

Both app stores include a variety of free and paid apps live converse software, marketing tools, pricing table generators, and important me.
Wix’s app store is called App Market and 309 apps


Weebly offers a choice of 70 different themes. (It’s possible to pierce more by using Weebly’s old themes, but I don’t recommend doing so, since they’re not responsive to different cybersurfer types.)

Wix on the other hand comes with a choice of over 500 themes. Still, although they’re generous when compared to Weebly’s themes, they aren’t as constantly emotional. Some Wix themes work and look great, but there’s a conspicuous variation in quality and certain themes feel markedlyoutdated.es.)

With Wix, if you change the template once you’ve started using one, you’ll lose all your point content. That makes it harder to take advantage of Wix’s large theme library, and it’s not a problem you’ll run into with Weebly.

But a big plus to using Wix is the huge quantum of theme customization it offers. It allows you to change nearly any theme element and, in fact, gives you so important customization power that you can effectively design your own theme from scrape.


When it comes to eCommerce, Weebly does nearly everything right. The only problem worth mentioning is that its limited theme customization debit crops up again sometimes. In case, you’re unfit to modify the checkout runner.

But else, Weebly offers a long list of different eCommerce features including
. Gift cards
Client accounts
Abandoned shopping wain emails
In-store volley shipping option
Digital downloads
… And numerous further.
But the stylish part of Weebly’s eCommerce suite is the same trait plant throughout its point editor — it makes it easy to conduct delicate tasks.
A great illustration of this is the Weebly dispatch editor, which allows you to epitomize client bills. It’s the most straightforward dispatch editor I’ve seen offered by a website builder as just about anyone could use it.

While Wix does offer a solid core of eCommerce tools, similar to flexible pasteboard canons and digital products, it misses out on some fairly important features. In case, there’s no way to customize dispatch bills as there’s with Weebly. Limitations of this type help me from recommending Wix over Weebly


Wix has eight different pricing plans — four for general websites and four for eCommerce. It also offers a separate and fully free plan.

Still, I advise against using the free plan as Wix will display its own advertisements on your point with the other two. For utmost druggies, the$ 13/ month Unlimited plan will be the most suitable

Weebly offers five plans, two of which are designed solely for eCommerce. One of the three general plans is free, and because it comes with unlimited bandwidth, it’s actually more usable than the maturity of free plans offered by other website builders.

Still, the$ 8/ month Starter plan will be stylish for utmost websites — it’s the cheapest bone that removes all Weebly ingrained advertisements from your point.

All Weebly’s plans support eCommerce functionality, but only the devoted eCommerce plans ( Business and Performance) let you host checkout on your own sphere and don’t charge 3 of your sale figure. The Business plan costs$ 25/ month which is the same as Wix’s eCommerce plan. Still, as you know now, Weebly has the better eCommerce features.

These are both excellent, but veritably different, website builders. Neither bone comes out on top overall, but in terms of eCommerce functionality and pricing, Weebly indeed has the edge.
To epitomize, Weebly’s principal focus is on ease of use, while Wix offers a great deal of control over your point — to the extent at which you can indeed produce your own theme from scrape. Weebly’s themes are more harmonious, but allow for little personalization.

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