The 20 best dropshipping trends for 2022

We have a lot of dropshopping trends. Here are the 20 best dropshipping trends for 2022:

1. Trending dropshipping healthcare products

Face Shield

People love to look cool and is this the best way to get more people to wear masks? All search results show positive dropshipping trends which means people love this face shield. And when people like something, the need increases. Sell ​​this headscarf shaped face shield at your e-commerce dropshipping store for a higher return on investment. You can sell easily for little or no cost.

Selling Price: $ 5 – $ 10

N95 Respirator Mask

The current pandemic has increased the demand for health products significantly, with the N95 face mask being one of the most popular options available today. If you are making a decent profit and want to help save lives, you can put some margin on the N95 ventilator and combine that with sales of modern face masks.

Selling price: $2 – $5

Hand Sanitizer

People need hand sanitizer more than ever, which makes this a great new product to add to your inventory. You can buy hand sanitizers in small or large quantities and repack them with your own brand if you want. There are several types of hand sanitizers that you can sell, such as portable, small, and large dispensers.

Selling price: $1 – $5

Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer

Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer
We try to avoid direct contact. So don’t worry, help your customers with this non-contact thermometer. One of the most popular and best selling non-contact infrared thermometers is in great demand. You can easily measure temperature from a distance of 12 inches.
People are looking for it and will need it in the future. Children don’t like traditional thermometers. So why not try selling a non-contact infrared thermometer?

Selling price: $10 – $15

2. Trending tech products

Portable Blender

The portable blender is ideal for nutritionists and fitness enthusiasts. Many people are looking for ways to stay in shape and the best way to do this is by eating well. With a portable blender, people can drink healthy juices anywhere. There are several manufacturing companies to choose from, and you can create your own brand. Make sure you have an authentic product because people don’t like replicas.

Selling price: $10 – $30

Wireless Phone Chargers

Thí· is one of the dropshipping trends that we should pay attention to. Wireless chargers were invented in 2016, but they have become popular since then and you can easily sell them online. One of the ways to take advantage of this niche market is to provide a high-quality wireless charger. With everyone selling wireless chargers from China, quality is what matters. With this wireless charger, owners can charge their smartphones in minutes and sell them for hundreds of dollars. You need to start dropshipping a wireless charger at your e-commerce store. You can import wireless chargers directly from the manufacturer or ship products directly to your customers.

Selling price: $15 – $20

Phone Lenses

The phone lens helps users take better pictures. They are available in many environments, from professional to fun features. When choosing items for your dropshipping trends business, look for quality items and high orders. Phone lenses have been on the market for a number of years and remain top sellers at many dropshipping stores. It’s good to see that they haven’t lost their charm.

Phone lenses have recently regained their reputation in the cellular market. You can double the magnification of the captured image and allow the photographer to take amazing photos with the press of a button.

Selling price: $1 – $5

Car Phone Holder

Technology makes people’s lives easier. We used to have to ask someone for directions, now our smartphones tell us everything we need to know. But how do you use your smartphone in the car to find your way? Then people looked for a holder to keep their cell phones in the car.

Car phone holders have become an essential accessory. They have been on the market for several years but are still in demand. Whether you run a department store or a car-oriented car, you can easily get more orders with a car phone holder.

Selling price: $3 – $7

Drone Camera

Powerful drone cameras are now available at very affordable prices. This drone offers not only high-quality photos and videos but also complete freedom in viewing your surroundings. During the lockdown, many even purchased drones to shoot videos of their homes. The best thing about drone cameras is that they can be sold at any time. Just choose a drone that has high-quality footage and is offered at an affordable price. You can advertise to generate income.

Selling price: $50 – $400

3. Trending pet products

Adjustable Pet Cat Leash

The adjustable cat harness fits any cat every six months or so. The bracelets are available in different sizes and you can choose any color you want. It is ideal for cats and dogs and will help pet owners take their pets for daily walks to track their movements and protect them from tragedy. The rope is tied around the shoulders and is on the upper back while covering the stomach. If you’re looking to sell this leash on your website, make sure to target animal lovers, especially dog ​​and cat owners. If you offer it in combination with other products, you can double your sales.

Selling price: $3 – $4

Inflatable Pet Collars

Pet necklaces are becoming a new trend in the market. Both dogs and cats can use this inflatable collar while sleeping or traveling. However, the main purpose of inflatable pet leashes is to protect pets from facial injuries or help them recover from injuries. If you have an online pet shop, selling pet leashes in 2021 is definitely a good idea. People live in homes so they often need items for their pets, both for fun and for health.

Selling price: $3 – $8

Cat Massage Combo

Cats like to rub as much as possible. When they rub their skin on the floor, they also let their hair fall out. The cat massage comb is a solution for cats to rub and leave their hair in one place. If you have an e-commerce pet shop, you can immediately sell these trending products online and target the people who are interested in these products.

Selling price: $10 – $15

4. More trending dropshipping product


Check out the videos on YouTube and Facebook. You’ll see slime everywhere for a variety of purposes, from entertainment to ASMR video creation. Someone has taken over the internet and people still don’t have enough. You can find many Chinese slag producers and do this at home too. Get creative!

Selling price: $3 – $20

Front Facing Baby Carrier

Honest. Women have to work and cannot look after their babies all the time. Because of this, the front stroller is very comfortable. This allows women to do their job while caring for babies. So start marketing this child carrier for a huge profit.

Selling price: $13 – $16

Flexible Garden Hose

The flexible garden hose is ideal for car washing or garden watering. It features a tubular spray gun that can stretch from 25 feet to 100 feet in length and is flexible for easy storage. This certainly attracts many buyers, especially home owners, who want to keep their garden in their old house.

Selling price: $7 – $25

Shoe Dryer

If you want to keep your shoes in condition for a long time, this shoe dryer is for you. During the rainy season in fall, a shoe dryer will keep your shoes clean and dry. You can sell them at your dropshipping trends shop and get guaranteed sales.

Selling price: Around $25

5. Trending fashion products

Posture Corrector

The stand corrector is a great product for dropshipping trends shop. This helps the user stay upright and erect while maintaining the spinal cord. This product is also recommended by physiotherapists. If you can target the right stakeholders, you can easily sell a lot of stuff. You don’t need a lot of advertising budget. With the right landing page SEO approach, you can market your products to website visitors at a low cost.

Selling price: $12 – $15

Waterproof Shoe Protectors

Autumn is coming and this means the rainy season in many countries. These waterproof shoe covers are great for protecting consumer shoes during the rainy season in tropical climates. These shoes are made of silicone material, which is suitable for outdoor and indoor activities, and keeps the shoes safe and dry on rainy days. Be sure to test the countries with the best purchasing power for direct mail with your ad.

Selling price: $1 – $5

Eyeshadow Stamp

Shadow seal helps women make eye shadow in seconds. All you need to do is apply dye or eyeshadow on the seal and press it against your lids. This is a great product for makeup artists. Eyeshadow printing works for all eye sizes. In addition, many people can easily buy brands to keep so they can have more sales opportunities. Girls can’t live without makeup, so you have a huge market to reach.

Selling price: $1 – $5

Portable Electric Ionic Hairbrush

Portable electric hairbrush has become a sensation in the market. Lightweight, easy to use, and great for scalp massage anywhere, anytime. The brush maker says it inherited the meridian principles of traditional Chinese medicine. The brush can improve blood circulation, reduce fatigue, strengthen brain power, develop intelligence and improve sleep quality. This is a gift for anyone with hair loss problems and dizziness.

Selling price: Around $10

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