Squarespace vs GoDaddy

Squarespace vs GoDaddy

Squarespace is the stylish overall website builder, but GoDaddy could work for people who don’t have a lot of time or specialized chops.

There are many options for customizing Squarespace themes. Squarespace is also packed with features that you can trust to be among the stylish available for website builders. GoDaddy is easy to use because it has smaller features. But this simplicity could clearly frustrate a lot of druggies – this composition explains some of these limitations.

The Editors

You can control and edit far less with GoDaddy’s editor than with other editors. This could suit druggies who don’t have a lot of time or specialized experience, but numerous may come snappily frustrated with GoDaddy’s limitations.

In comparison, the Squarespace editor gives you a lot of further options for customizing your website, at the expenditure of some of that simplicity. That said, Squarespace’s thoughtful UX design makes using their features feel comparatively pleasurable and intuitive. So in terms of ease of use, GoDaddy might be slightly easier to use — but Squarespace is far more flexible.


Squarespace and GoDaddy both include sections in their editors. These are ready-made corridors of a web runner that are made up of lower individual rudiments – effects like galleries, contribute links, “ meet the platoon” and soon. Your options for customizing GoDaddy sections are limited. You can’t add further rudiments or change the layout in the section, you can only toggle them on or out, and you can only choose from three theme colors.

Custom Styles in Squarespace vs GoDaddy

Squarespace helps you to keep harmonious sources, colors and textbook sizes throughout your website.

But all of these are completely customizable anywhere on the point. You can change fountain, color and textbook size (and image size, padding, section backgrounds and so on) for any individual part of your point.
GoDaddy, on the other hand, does n’t give you a lot of control over your point’s style. One particularly bad illustration is font sizes – the only way to increase the fountain size in a title is with a slider that changes all heads across your point.

User Experience

Despite having a lot further controls in the editor, using Squarespace is still a straightforward affair. This is because of their thoughtful stoner experience (UX) design.

Some content and point-wide design settings (like footers) can just be edited in the website panel of the editor. Other kinds of content will open up in a menu or an editor in a lightbox above the website panel (like a pop-up but in the same window in your cybersurfer).
You might be working on your online store, and you want to snappily amend a commodity about one of your products. In Squarespace, you just twice click that element and the menu gives you all the controls you need.

Themes and Theme Customization

Both website builders come with-designed templates (Squarespace) or themes (GoDaddy). Squarespace has a lot further templates, further varied templates, and – most importantly – more options for customizing templates than GoDaddy has themes.

Themes in Squarespace vs GoDaddy

There are 22 themes to choose from in GoDaddy, versus over 100 in Squarespace. There’s a lot to be said for not offering too numerous themes – consider the hours you can lose browsing WordPress’s open-source themes – but Squarespace’s 100 is a manageable number.

Not only are there smaller themes to choose from in GoDaddy, but they’re also much less varied. This means that GoDaddy home runners are all enough much the same combination of a splash image, caption, and action button.

Theme Customization

As I mentioned in the editor section, GoDaddy gives you comparatively little control over the style of your point. You can only acclimate colors, sources and buttons in the theme editor.

Squarespace, still, gives you a lot further control over the general template, as well features like a custom 404 runner and customCSS. While you can get into really grainy detail then if you want – for illustration choosing where to apply fountain styles in a different corridors of your point – the dereliction settings in the template are designed to look and work well right off the club.


Squarespace7.1de-emphasizes the significance of templates – all templates are erected on the same introductory frame which means they can each be edited and customized in the same way.

Despite this, Squarespace design emblems – big prints, clean design and bold typography – are still apparent in a lot of their spots, and it’s straightforward to make a clean, professional, and visually arresting website with template defaults.
In discrepancy, GoDaddy’s themes have lower prints, busier designs, and lower eye-catching typography.

Of course, it’s possible to get around these default theme styles if you want to, and you might prefer the GoDaddy dereliction styles anyway. But you’ll make a clean, professional-looking website by dereliction with Squarespace.

Online Presence on Squarespace vs GoDaddy

GoDaddy and Squarespace are both expanding beyond just website structure, including further features around online presence in their packages.

GoDaddy wants to be the one-stop-shop for businesses, but their features are fairly introductory. Squarespace’s online presence features include erected-in features and third-party extensions and are known to be dependable.
A lot of Squarespace online presence features bring a fresh figure on top of your website plan. The GoDaddy online presence features are included in all GoDaddy packages.


GoDaddy movables let you sync your timetable with a one-off or repeating events that guests can bespeak and pay for through your website. For scheduling like this in Squarespace, you’ll need to enable Squarespace Scheduling. This costs a fresh$15.00 per month, but you get what you pay for. Automatic customer monuments are included, and guests can bespeak, cancel or amend their movables on your website.

Marketing features in Squarespace vs GoDaddy

GoDaddy’s dispatch marketing is, again, introductory. You need to produce juggernauts in cheapie format, which could surely put some druggies off. That said, it’s included in the price.

Squarespace has a much further stoner-friendly layout for dispatch marketing. You make juggernauts just like you make runners on your website. It costs$5.00 per month redundant ( including a Squarespace announcement in your emails) at the cheapest plan available.

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