How to integrate Spin To Win app using Shopify Theme Editor

We have 2 ways for manual integration.

1. Integration – Technical required #

This is the way for developers or people that have coding/technical skills

Step 1: Select edit code #

Step 2: Choose theme.liquid #

Click to theme.liquid and scroll to the end of the file.

Step 3: Copy Javascript SDK from app #

Copy this code

Step 4: Paste code to theme.liquid #

Paste code and save the change

2. Integration – No technical required #

This is how to do it without technical requirements

Step 1: Open the theme customization #

The theme sections will show in the left sidebar

Step 2: Add the app section #

Scroll to the last section, before Footer. Then click Add section

Your screen will show a list of available sections. Please select HKT: Apps SDK section

Step 3: Save the change #

After selecting the app section, the preview will show the game:

Click Save.