How to create a game in Spin To Win

In this article, you will learn how to create a game in Spin To Win app.

Step 1: Select a template #

Click Games in the left navigation.

Click New game button

Select a game template

Click Create to create a game

After creating a game, click Edit game in overview page

Step 2: Setup the game name #

From the setup page, Select Settings tab and click Information

Now, you can change the game name

Step 3: Setup discounts #

Click Coupons in Settings tab

In this page, you can setup the win discount code

Open the Discounts from your Shopify Admin and copy the discount code

Paste the code to the app admin

You can setup the weight for the winning chance.

Click Save to save the game

Step 4: Active the game #

Go to the Games navigation and click Active game status